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The E-H2O Research Group investigates biogeochemical processes at the interface of water and energy that affect the cycle of metals and radionuclides in the environment. We integrate spectroscopy, microscopy, aqueous chemistry, and molecular biology tools for the study of complex environmental interactions.

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Mine Waste Legacy

Working with Native American communities to better understand biogeochemical processes affecting the transport of metals and radionuclides to inform risk assessment and remediation strategies.

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Sustainable Water Quality and Treatment

Sustainable and energy-efficient water treatment technologies making use of nano-particulate metal-oxides and microbial redox processes.

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Effect of Wildfires on Water Quality

Investigating the effect of wildfire ash transported after storm events on surface water quality.

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Hydraulic Fracturing: Leaky Wellbores

Investigation of physical and chemical processes affecting wellbore integrity for oil and gas production.

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In-Situ Leach Recovery of Uranium

The objective of this project is to identify aquifer restoration strategies that will result in re-establishment of high quality ground water following completion of ISL uranium mining.


Labs and Instruments

University of New Mexico

about img Laboratory in Centennial Engineering Building for experiments.


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The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory is located in the second floor, room 213 of Northrop Hall, Earth and Planetary Sciences and is equipped with various types of instruments including three PerkinElmer inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) systems for majors and minors elements analysis, one PerkinElmer NexION 300D inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) for trace elements analysis, Flexar PerkinElmer HPLC for organics and trace elements speciation, Dionex CoulChem III Electrochemical Detector for organics analysis, flow injection mercury (FIMS) for trace Hg analysis, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) for majors and minors solid samples elemental analysis, New Wave laser ablation elemental analysis with CryoCell for biota analysis, Dionex SCI 1100 Ion Chromatography anions analytical system, and various types of samples preparation apparatus for different sample analysis techniques.

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XPS AXIS-Ultra DLD, Kratos Analytical is part of Center for Emerging Energy Technologies at UNM. The XPS has both a monochromatic Al anode as well as a non-monochromatic Mg x-ray source. It is equipped with heating and cooling stage as well as two types of guns (Ar and polyatomic) for depth sputtering. This instrument currently has sub-micron spatial resolution, while spectra can be acquired from areas ranging from less than 15 microns to greater than several millimeters. The high temperature catalyst reaction cell (WX-530) allows for in-situ analysis of high temperature (up to 1000°C) catalytic reactions. XPS data analysis also utilizes a number of multivariate analysis methods for evaluation of images and spectra.

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The TEM laboratory is equipped with two transmission electron microscopes. The first is a JEOL 2010 200kV high resolution transmission electron microscope capable of a 0.19 nm point to point resolution. A Gatan high resolution Orius CCD camera is fitted to the instrument allowing on-line acquisition and processing of digital images. This instrument is equipped with a new (2009) Oxford Analytical INCA 200 EDS analytical system which uses an ultra thin window EDS detector capable of detecting all elements down to boron. In 2000 the TEM laboratory installed a JEOL 2010F FASTEM TEM/STEM instrument purchased with funds from NSF and the University of New Mexico. This has an exceptional array of analytical capabilities including energy filtered imaging (EFTEM), electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS), X-ray microanalysis and X-ray mapping at the subnanometer level, and bright and dark field STEM imaging, as well as traditional TEM techniques such as electron diffraction and high resolution imaging. Our instrument is equipped with a GATAN image filtering (GIF) system for energy filtered TEM (EFTEM) and electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS), an Oxford ultrathin window EDS detector connected an Oxford INCA X-ray analysis system. The laboratory is also equipped with a full range of sample preparation equipment including a GATAN Precision Ion Polishing System, a GATAN Duo ion beam milling instrument, ultramicrotome (RMC Ventana), and carbon coaters.

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UNM installed an FEI Quanta 3D FEG Dualbeam focused ion beam/FEGSEM in the Electron Microbeam Facility in Earth and Planetary Sciences in late Fall 2008. The instrument is a high resolution FEGSEM that is also capable of a wide range of nanomachining and nanofabrication applications using the ion beam column, and will be used extensively for the preparation of site-specific TEM samples. The instrument is equipped with full in situ sample lift out capabilities for removing TEM foils from samples using an Omniprobe AutoProbe 200.2 micromanipulator. We have undergone advanced training in the lift out technique and have now attained a considerable degree of competency with the technique. In addition, the instrument also is equipped with an EDAX Genesis EDS system with an Apollo 40 SSD detector for X-ray microanalysis and a TSL EBSD system for electron crystallography. The Quanta FEG 3D is also an environmental SEM and can be used to study uncoated samples under controlled vacuum conditions.

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The XRD facilities consist of a Rigaku SmartLab II powder XRD instrument as well as a Rigaku Rapid microX-ray diffractometer. The Rapid instrument provides significant new research opportunities with the ability to obtain non-destructive power XRD patterns from very small samples and in situ from thin sections at a spatial resolution as high as about 30 microns.

Principal Investigator

José M. Cerrato, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, UNM

Postdoc, Washington University in St. Louis, 2013 PhD, Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2010
MS, Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2005
BS, Civil Engineering, National Autonomous University of Honduras, 2001.


Jorge Gonzalez Estrella, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, UNM

PhD Environmental Engineering, University of Arizona 2014
MSc in Environmental Sciences, Institute for Scientific and Technological Research of San Luis Potosi, 2009
BSc in Environmental Engineering, University of Veracruz 2006

Eliane El Hayek, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, UNM

PhD in Environmental Sciences, Lebanese University and University of Paul Sabatier Toulouse-France, 2015.
MS, Hydrosciences. Ecole Doctorale des Sciences et de Technologie-EDST. Lebanese University, 2011
MS, Biochemistry. Lebanese University, 2010
BSc in Biochemistry. Lebanese University, 2008

Abdul Mehdi Ali, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist, UNM

PhD, Soil, Water & Environmental Chemistry, University of Arizona
MS, Soil, Water & Environmental Chemistry, University of Arizona
BS, Plant Production, Land Reclamation - Soils and Water Chemistry, University of Basrah, Iraq

Bruce M. Thomson, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor Emeritus, UNM

PhD, Environmental Science and Engineering, Rice University
MS, Environmental Science and Engineering, Rice University
BS, Civil Engineering, University of California, Davis

Graduate Students

Sumant Avasarala

Ph.D. student co-advised by Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez-Pinzon

MS, Chemical Engineering, Wayne State University
BS, Chemical Engineering, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

Nabil Shaikh

Ph.D. student co-advised by Dr. Abdul Mehdi Ali

MS, Civil Engineering emphasis in Environmental Engineering, Univeristy of New Mexico
BE, Chemical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology & Sciences, Dubai

Carmen Velasco

Ph.D. student co-advised by Dr. Lucia Rodriguez-Freire

MS, Engineering Management Universidad Castilla La Mancha
MS, Chemical Engineering Oregon State University
BS, Chemical Engineering Universidad San Francisco de Quito - Ecuador

Cherie Devore

Ph.D. student co-advised by Dr. Lucia Rodriguez-Freire

MS, Environmental Science, University of New Mexico
BS, Environmental Science, University of New Mexico

Katie Zemlick

Ph.D. student advised by Dr. Bruce Thomson

MWR, Hydroscience concentration, University of New Mexico
BA, Environmental Studies, Prescott College

Asifur Rahman

M. Sc. student

BS, Water Resources Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Andrew Overbey

M. Sc. student co-advised by Dr. Lucia Rodriguez

BS, Geoscience, Virginia Tech

Rachael Miera

M. Sc. student

BS, Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico


Lucia Rodriguez-Freire, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

Former Postdoctoral Fellow at E-H2O

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Former Postdoctoral Fellow at E-H2O

Johanna Blake, Ph.D.

Geochemist at USGS

Former Postdoctoral Fellow at E-H2O

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Former Postdoctoral Fellow at E-H2O

Joshua Ellison

MS Civil Engineering

Co-advised by Dr. John Stormont

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Omar Ruiz

MS Civil Engineering

Co-advised by Dr. Bruce Thomson

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Mitchell Schatz

MS Civil Engineering

Co-advised by Dr. Bruce Thomson

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Undergraduate Researchers

  • Malik Yzaguirre (University of New Mexico)

  • Cassie McClintock (University of New Mexico)

  • Chris Hirani (Alliance for Minority Participation Fellow, University of New Mexico)

  • Claudia Roldan (NMEPSCOR, Univeristy of New Mexico)

  • Gabriel Ernesto Echeverria (visiting summer intern, Florida International University)

  • Gabriel Fernando Echeverria (visiting summer intern, Florida International University)

  • Collaborators

    • Dr. Peter Burns,Henry Massman Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences, Director, Center for Sustainable Energy, Notre Dame University (Website)

    • Dr. Scott Fendorf, Huffington Family Professor in Earth Sciences, Stanford University (Website)

    • Dr. Kateryna Artyushkova, Research Associate Professor, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez Pinzon, Assistant Professor, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. John C. Stormont, Professor, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. Andrew Schuler, Associate Professor, UNM(Website)

    • Dr. Mark C. Stone, Associate Professor, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. Stephen Cabaniss, Professor and Chair of Chemistry, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. Kerry Howe, Professor and Regents' Lecturer, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. Laura Crossey, Professor, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. Juan S. Lezama-Pacheco, Research Scientist, Stanford University (Website)

    • Dr. Daniel S. Alessi, Assistant Professor and Encana Chair in Water Resources, University of Alberta (Website)

    • Dr. Natalie Capiro, Research Assistant Professor, Tufts University (Website)

    • Dr. Huichun (Judy) Zhang, Associate Professor, Temple University (Website)

    • Dr. Brian Chaplin, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Chicago (Website)

    • Dr. Daniel Giammar, Walter E. Browne Professor of Environmental Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis (Website)

    • Dr. Michael F. Hochella, Distinguished Professor, Virginia Tech (Website)

    • Dr. Rebecca Bixby, Research Assistant Professor, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. Adrian J. Brearley, Professor, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. Amanda Haes, Associate Professor, University of Iowa (Website)

    • Dr. David Cwiertny, Associate Professor, University of Iowa (Website)

    • Dr. Tori Forbes, Associate Professor, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. Melissa Gonzales, Associate Professor, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. Andrew J. Whelton, Assistant Professor, Purdue University (Website)

    • Dr. Johnnye Lewis, Research Professor, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. Matthew Campen, Professor, UNM (Website)

    • Dr. John Bargar, Senior Research Scientist, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (Website)

    • Dr. Anastasia Ilgen, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories (Website)


    Dr. Lucia Rodriguez-Freire has accepted an Assistant Professor position at New Jersey Institute of Technology!

    July 07, 2017

    Dr. Rodriguez-Freire joined the E-H2O team in August 2015 and she investigated biogeochemical processes that affect the cycle of metals and radionuclides in the environment. As an Assistant Professor of the John A. Reif, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Dr. Rodriguez-Freire will be harnessing the interaction between biological and inorganic systems to: (1) investigate the effect of contaminants to natural biogeochemical cycles in order to predict, avoid and/or remediate current and future detrimental effects to the environment; (2) engineer highly-efficient and sustainable resource-recovery technologies from agricultural, industrial and mining waste; and (3) design state-of-the-art wastewater treatment systems to remove persistent contaminants in the environment using ubiquitous and low-value materials. Congratulations Professor Rodriguez-Freire!

    Carmen Velasco receives 1st place in poster presentations at regional AVS and AWWA conferences

    June 01, 2017

    Carmen A. Velasco is on her second year of her doctoral degree at the UNM Civil Engineering Department. Carmen presented her research progress on the 2017 American Vacuum Society (AVS) Annual Symposium and was awarded the 1st place at the Poster Presentation on May 16, 2017. “AVS is an interdisciplinary, professional Society that supports networking among academic, industrial, government, and consulting professionals involved in a several disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and engineering..."
    Carmen was also awarded as the winner of the 1st place on a Poster Presentation on the Rocky Mountain Section America Water Works Association (AWWA) Student Chapter Conference on May 22, 2017. She also presented her work at the AWWA-ACE17 Professional Conference in Philadelphia on June 2017. “AWWA is an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational society dedicated to providing total water solutions assuring the effective management of water."

    Dr. Jose Cerrato Receives SOE Junior Faculty Research Award.

    May 04, 2017

    Dr. Cerrato has been awarded the UNM School of Engineering (SOE) Junior Faculty Research Award. Faculty awardees are nominated by their departmental chair and are selected by the previous year’s winners. The Junior Faculty Research Award is awarded to an associate professor or lower in grade and no more than 6 years at UNM in a tenure-track position.

    CWE Link.

    Sumant Avasarala Places First in Poster Session.

    May 01, 2017

    Sumant Avasarala, a PhD student in the UNM Department of Civil Engineering, was awarded first place for an Outstanding Poster Presentation in the 1st Environmental Division Student Poster Session at the 2017 Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME) annual conference and expo and the Colorado Mining Association’s (CMA) 119th National Western Mining Conference in Denver, CO.


    Dr. Jose Cerrato Receives Inaugural New Mexico EPSCoR Mentoring Award

    April 27, 2017

    Dr. Cerrato has been awarded the Inaugural New Mexico EPSCoR Mentoring Award at the NM EPSCoR All Hands Meeting on April 27, 2017.
    "The NM EPSCoR Mentoring Award is designed to recognize NM EPSCoR participants who not only build relationships with students and support their academic, research, and career endeavors, but also work to create inclusive environments for our diverse students."

    CWE Link.

    Dr. Cerrato receives the National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER AWARD!

    January 27, 2017

    Dr. Cerrato received the NSF CAREER AWARD for his project “Understanding Reactivity in American Native Impacted Uranium Mines (URANIUM): Research, Education and Outreach. The CAREER is the National Science Foundation's most prestigious award in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization.

    Dr. Cerrato’s project integrates research, education, and outreach activities to identify governing biogeochemical mechanisms affecting the contamination and remediation of metals in organic-rich sediments in abandoned uranium (U) mine wastes in northwest and central New Mexico. The knowledge from this project will help inform reclamation strategies, investigating resources that could be recovered from these wastes to potentially benefit affected communities. Partnership with Native American communities in New Mexico will facilitate information exchange, access to sites, and collaborative training opportunities for students.
    For more information please visit the following website: NSF Link.

    Dr. Cerrato's research featured in the RSC Emerging Investigators 2016 special issue

    August 26, 2016

    Dr. Cerrato's research was featured in the Emerging Investigators 2016 special issue of the journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts.
    The following statement from the journal describes the objective of this special issue: "Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts is committed to supporting early career scientists, and it is because of this that we are very pleased to introduce the fourth edition of our Emerging Investigators issue, which celebrates the best and brightest among early career scientists around the world." Additional details about this special issue can be found at the following link: Link.

    The title of the article from Dr. Cerrato's research group featured in this issue is "Wildfires and water chemistry: effect of metals associated with wood ash", which was co-authored in collaboration with undergraduate students Chris Hirani and Alexander Clark, and Drs. Johanna Blake, Abdul-Mehdi Ali, Kateryna Artyushkova, Eric Peterson, and Rebecca Bixby from the University of New Mexico. Link To Paper.

    Dr. Cerrato receives Receives Faculty of Color Award

    April 28, 2016

    Dr. José Cerrato, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, recently received the 2016 Faculty of Color Award in the "Research Category" from the Project of New Mexico Graduates of Color (PNMGC). The award recognizes an individual who engages in research that is significant to communities of color, uses community-based practices, critical methodologies or theories, or who promotes co-research with students. Award nominations are submitted by students; his PhD student Nabil Shaikh submitted the nomination. Link.

    Dr. Blake receives a job offer from USGS

    July 22, 2015

    Johanna Blake, postdoc of the E-H2O Research Group, has received an offer to work at the US Geological Survey in Albuquerque, congratulations!

    Paper on Abandoned U mines published in ES&T journal

    July 09, 2015

    Our paper titled Elevated concentrations of U and co-occurring metals in abandoned mine wastes in a Northeastern Arizona Native American community has been published in Environmental Science & Technology. Link.

    E-H2O Research Group featured by UNM CE

    July 13, 2015

    The work of the E-H2O Research Group on legacy of uranium mining has been featured in the UNM Civil Engineering website. Link.

    Dr. Cerrato receives Faculty Enhancement Award

    May 18, 2015

    José M. Cerrato has received the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award. Link.

    E-H2O work on Abandoned Uranium Mines covered by NMEPSCOR

    April 30, 2015

    The work of the E-H2O Research Group on reactivity of metals from Abandoned Uranium Mine Wastes has been featured in the NMEPSCOR website. Link.

    Jan 27, 2017
    Dr. Cerrato receives the National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER AWARD!

    May 24, 2016
    Dr. Lucia Rodriguez-Freire wins Best Oral Presentation (Third Place) in the New Mexico AVS Symposium, which took place in Albuquerque on May 24th

    April 28, 2016
    Dr. Jose Cerrato, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, recently received the 2016 Faculty of Color Award in the "Research Category" from the Project of New Mexico Graduates of Color (PNMGC).

    April 18, 2016
    Sumant Avasarala wins Best Student Presentation Award (First Place) in NGWA Conference on Hydrology and Water Quality in the Southwest which took place in Albuquerque, NM

    May 22, 2015
    Cherie DeVore wins Best Student Presentation Award (Second Place) in AWWA Rocky Mountain Chapter Student Conference which took place in New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

    May, 2014
    Chris Hirani, SCCORE Student of the UNM Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP) program sponsored by NSF co-advised by Drs. Johanna Blake, Abdul-Mehdi Ali, and Jose Cerrato wins best student poster presentation award in the New Mexico Academy of Sciences Symposium

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    Refereed Journal Publications

  • Lopez Moruno, Francisco, Rubio, Juan E., Santoro, Carlo, Atanassov, Plamen, Cerrato, José M., and Arges, Christopher G., (2018) Investigation of patterned and non-patterned poly(2,6-dimethyl 1,4- phenylene) oxide based anion exchange membranes for enhanced desalination and power generation in a microbial desalination cell. Solid State Ionics, 314, 141-148. DOI: 10.1016/j.ssi.2017.11.004 (

  • Avasarala, Sumant, Lichtner, Peter, Ali, Abdul-Mehdi S., González-Pinzón, R., Blake, Johanna M., and Cerrato, José M. (2017) Reactive Transport of U and V from Abandoned Uranium Mine Wastes. Environmental Science and Technology, Accepted. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.7b03823 (

  • Ilgen A.G., Kukkadapu R.K., Dunphy D.R., Artyushkova K., Cerrato J.M., Kruichak J.N., Janish M.T., Sun C. J., Argo J. M., and Washington R. E. (2017). Synthesis and characterization of redox-active ferric nontronite. Chemical Geology, Accepted. (

  • Saup, Casey M. and Williams, Kenneth H. and Rodriguez-Freire, Lucia and Cerrato, Jose M. and Johnston, Michael D. and Wilkins, Michael J., (2017) "Anoxia stimulates microbially catalyzed metal release from Animas River sediments" Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 19 (4) pp. 578-585, DOI: 10.1039/C7EM00036G. (

  • Johanna M Blake, Cherie L De Vore, Sumant Avasarala, Abdul-Mehdi Ali, Claudia Roldan, Fenton Bowers, Michael N Spilde, Kateryna Artyushkova, Matthew F Kirk, Eric Peterson, Lucia Rodriguez-Freire, José M Cerrato, (2017) "Uranium mobility and accumulation along the Rio Paguate, Jackpile Mine in Laguna Pueblo, NM." Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 19 (4) pp. 605-621, DOI: 10.1039/C6EM00612D. (

  • Ruiz, Omar, Thomson, Bruce, and Cerrato, José M., (2016) Investigation of in-situ leach (ISL) mining of uranium in New Mexico and post-mining reclamation. New Mexico Geology, 38 (4) pp. 77-89 (

  • Rodriguez-Freire, Lucia, Avasarala, Sumant, Ali, Abdul-Mehdi S., Agnew, Diane, Hoover, Joseph, Artyushkova, Kateryna, Latta, Drew, Peterson, Eric, Lewis, Johnnye, Brearley, Adrian J., and Cerrato, José M. Post Gold King Mine spill investigation of metal stability in water and sediments of the Animas River watershed. Environmental Science and Technology (2016) 50 (21), pp 11539–11548. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.6b03092. (

  • Shaikh, Nabil , Taujale, Saru , Zhang, Huichun , Ali, Abdul-Mehdi S., Artyushkova, Kateryna , and Cerrato, José M. Spectroscopic investigation of interfacial interaction of manganese oxide with triclosan, aniline, and phenol. Environmental Science and Technology (2016), 50 (20), pp 10978–10987 DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.6b02673. (

  • Asadi, M., Kim, K., Liu, C., Addepalli, A.V., Abbasi, P., Yasaei, P., Phillips, P., Behranginia, A., Cerrato J.M., Haasch, R., Zapol, P., Kumar, B., Klie, R.F., Abiade, J., Curtiss, L.A., Salehi-Kojin, A., (2016). Nanostructured transition metal dichalcogenide electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction in ionic liquid. Science, 353 (6298), 467-470. (

  • Cerrato, José M., Blake, Johanna M., Hirani, Chris, Clark, Alexander L., Ali, Abdul-Mehdi S., Artyushkova, Kateryna, Peterson, Eric, and Bixby, Rebecca (2016). Wildfires and Water Chemistry: Effect of Metals Associated with Wood Ash. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 18, 1078-1089. (

  • Blake, Johanna M., Avasarala, Sumant, Artyushkova, Kateryna, Ali, Abdul-Mehdi S., Brearly, Adrian J., Shuey,Christopher, Robinson, Wm. Paul, Nez, Christopher, Bill, Sadie, Lewis, Johnnye, Hirani, Chris, Lezama-Pacheco, Juan S., and Cerrato, José M., Elevated concentrations of U and co-occurring metals in abandoned mine wastes in a Northeastern Arizon Native American community. Accepted in Environmental Science and Technology (2015) 49, 8506-8514. (

  • Lezama-Pacheco, Juan S., Cerrato, José M., Alessi, Daniel S., Veeramani, H., Suvorova, Elena I., Bernier-Latmani, Rizlan, Giammar, Daniel E., Long, Phillip, E., Williams, Kenneth H., and Bargar, John R., Long-term in-situ oxidation of biogenic uraninite in an alluvial aquifer: impact of dissolved oxygen and calcium, Environmental Science and Technology, (2015) 49, 7340-7347.(

  • Alessi, Daniel S., Lezama-Pacheco, Juan S., Janot, Noémie, Suvorova, Elena I., Cerrato, José M., Giammar, Daniel E., Davis, James A., Fox, Patricia M., Williams, Kenneth H., Long, Phillip E., Handley, Kim M., Bernier-Latmani, Rizlan, and Bargar, John R. Speciation and reactivity of uranium products formed during in situ bioremediation in an alluvial aquifer, Environmental Science and Technology, (2014) 48, 12842-12850. (

  • Massey, Michael S., Lezama-Pacheco, Juan S., Jones, Morris E., Ilton, Eugene S., Cerrato, José M., Bargar, John R., and Fendorf, Scott. Competing retention pathways of uranium upon reaction with Fe(II), Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, (2014) 142, 166 - 185. (

  • Cerrato, José M., Ashner, Matthew N., Alessi, Daniel S., Bernier-Latmani, Rizlan, Lezama-Pacheco, Juan S., Bargar, John R., and Giammar, Daniel E., Relative Reactivity of Biogenic and Chemogenic Uraninite and Biogenic Non-crystalline U(IV), Environmental Science and Technology, (2013) 47, 9756 - 9763. (

  • Giammar, Daniel E., Cerrato, José M., Mehta, Vrajesh, Wang, Zimeng, Wang, Yin, Pepping, Troy J., Ulrich, Kai-Uwe, Lezama-Pacheco, Juan S., and Bargar, John R., Effect of diffusive transport limitations on UO2 dissolution, Water Research, (2012) 46, 6023 - 6032. (

  • Cerrato, José M., Barrows, Charles J., Blue, Lisa Y., Lezama-Pacheco, Juan S., Bargar, John R., and Giammar, Daniel E., Effect of Ca2+ and Zn2+ on UO2 dissolution rates, Environmental Science and Technology, (2012) 46, 2731 - 2737. (

  • Cerrato, José M., Knocke, William R., Hochella, Jr., Michael F., Dietrich, Andrea M., Jones, Andrew, and Cromer, Thomas F., Application of XPS and solution chemistry analyses to investigate soluble manganese removal by MnOx(s)-coated media, Environmental Science and Technology, (2011) 45, 10068 - 10074. (

  • Cerrato, José M., Hochella, Jr., Michael F., Knocke, William R., Dietrich, Andrea M., and Cromer, Thomas F., Use of XPS to identify the oxidation state of Mn in solid surfaces of filtration media oxide samples from drinking water treatment plants. Environmental Science and Technology, (2010) 44, 5881 - 5886. (

  • Cerrato, José M., Falkinham III, Joseph O., Dietrich, Andrea M., Knocke, William R., McKinney, Chad W., and Pruden, Amy. Manganese-oxidizing and -reducing microorganisms isolated from biofilms in chlorinated drinking water systems. Water Research, (2010) 44, 3935 - 3945. (

  • Cerrato, José M., Reyes, Lourdes P., Alvarado, Carmen N., and Dietrich, Andrea M. Effect of PVC and iron materials in drinking water distribution systems on Mn(II) deposition. Water Research, (2006) 40, 2720 - 2726. (


    Department of Civil Engineering

    MSC01 1070
    1 University of New Mexico
    Albuquerque, NM 87131
    Phone: 505-277-2722

    José M. Cerrato

    Physical Address:
    CENT Room 3036
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